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Chinese pork

0.5 pork ham soy sauce pepper chili potato flour 2 big carrots - cut as semicircles - medium size ginger - 80% as thin bars, 20% very small cubes garlic - very small /pasta chives - 2 sliced 2 spoons honey rice vinegar Steps: soak pork ham with 6 spoons of soy, pepper, chilli and 2 spoons of potato flour - put aside for 30 min put oil on the wok  add giger bars, garlic and chives - fry for 30-50 sec add pork - fry until brown add carrots - fry for 1 min add 150ml water with 30ml soy sauce (around 2 spoons) - fry for 3-5 min add 100ml water with 60gr honey (2 spoons), 2 spoons of potato flour, 2 spoons of rice vinegar fry for 2-3 min - taste -> enjoy! Without wok - multiply times by 2.

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