Spagetti aglio e olio - midnight food

Extremely easy

Timing: water to boil + spagetti cooking time= aprox  15 min

You need:

- Spagetti pasta (100g per person)

- garlic (2 cloves per person). more-better 

- parsley (live, 4 branches per person) more-better

- cayenne chilli pepper

- olive oil

- pinch of salt


pot for spaghetti to boil

pan big enough to put spaghetti in it

1) Boil water

2) add spatgetti pasta to the water [time start = 0]

3) crush /mince garlic into small pieces

4) cut parsley in half - lower one (with brunches) cut into small pieces = call it part A, top one (leaves) cut into little bigger pieces = part B

5) when time is 3 minutes before it readiness (usually 7th minute of boiling):

  • put olive oil in the pan
  • add garlic
  • add parsley part A
  • optionally you can add little of cayenne chill pepper - if everyone lite spices
  • put on fire for 2 minutes

6) now time should be 1 minute before official readiness of spaghetti:

  • move spaghetti from the pot into the pan with garlic and parsley
  • add 2-3 tablespoon (per person ;-) ) of water from pot where spaghetti was boiled
  • mix it up 
  • sir for 1 minute - water should disappear
  • add remaining parsley - part B - and mix

6) Put on the plates

7) Add chilli, mix, eat, enjoy 

[picttures soon]


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